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 The Mission of Uncharted Shores Academy 

The mission of Uncharted Shores Academy is to promote a learning environment which will enable students to become contributing members to our society in the 21st century.  In every society, that is the basic purpose of education, and a person that is truly educated is one who is able to be an asset to the society in which he/she lives. We believe that there are three traits which will prepare our students to succeed in our fast-paced, ever-changing, complicated 21st century world:  Responsibility, Respectfulness, and Resourcefulness.

In the 21st century, information changes too fast for students to learn all they need to know for the rest of their life, so students must take responsibility for their own education and continue to learn throughout their lives.  Therefore, it is the mission of USA to produce self-motivated students who are able to independently conduct inquiries, investigations, and research to stay abreast of changing information throughout their lives.
We also believe that students must be respectful of themselves, others, and the world in which we live in order to become a positive member of society.  It is the mission of USA to enable students to generate positive social and emotional character traits which will allow them to present themselves well, become an asset to their employer, and cooperate with others.

Finally, students must be resourceful in their use of the information and the knowledge they attain in their education.  In order to be a competent member of society, a person cannot simply learn information, but must also be able to use that information creatively and productively.  USA’s mission is to promote both creative critical thinking skills and presentation skills which will allow students to better understand subject matter information and the world around them, as well as to become adults who are able to initiate change and be competitive in the workplace.      

To accomplish these objectives, Uncharted Shores Academy  provides thematic, interactive, family-style education implemented using hands-on explorative activities, facilitated through teacher-developed resources, extended with individual student inquiry, and supported by parent participation in the education process. USA has termed this educational process Explorative Learning, which embodies the mission of students becoming productive citizens of society through the exploration of their full potential.

            Studies have shown that thematic, integrated subject education assists our students in assimilating core concepts and gain competency in understanding the subject.  Studies have shown that the use of interactive, explorative learning methods encourages independent, self-motivated education and ensures that our students gain the ability to take responsibility for their education. Studies have also shown that interactive learning allows students to resourcefully use their education in the real world as students learn to think critically, logically, and creatively.  Additionally, it is evident that family-style, parent-supported education will create respectful adults as we assist our students in building positive life-long learning attitudes, values, and character traits.