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"I have 6 daughters that currently attend USA, and one that graduated after attending from 5th through 8th grade. I thoroughly love the “family” atmosphere of the school. My daughters have received more than an education. The teachers have reached out to them and made positive differences in their lives. If USA didn’t exist, my children would be homeschooled, thus missing out on valuable education and socialization opportunities. Our family is so grateful to this school and all of those that make it possible."
Kelly Jo Taylor ( Parent of 6 Shores Academy students, )

"I tried many public schools before bringing my daughter to Uncharted Shores Academy four years ago. None could reach my daughter the way Uncharted Shores Academy has. My daughter is autistic. She came to USA with a unique set of challenges. It took some time and a lot of patience but the teachers have unlocked her potential in ways that other schools were never able to do. It is simply amazing what my daughter has accomplished in the years she has been there. The teachers’ techniques have improved her writing skills to where she was able to achieve second place with her kite poem in the Oregon Art Festival. USA addresses every child as an individual instead of a group. My daughter would never be where she is in her education without Uncharted Shores Academy."
Summer Moore-Clawson ( Parent of Bailee, 13 )

"I am currently the President of the Governing Board of USA, and have been a board member for over three years. The school serves a varied and diverse group of families in our community. I say families, not just children, because the school partners with parents in the education of their children. It has given hope and promise to many children who were previously unwilling or unable to be successful in the school environment. My children have attended USA from inception until the present and I have every intention of keeping USA well stocked with Taylor children for many years to come."
Steve Taylor ( USA Governing Board member and Parent )

"My two daughters attend USA charter school. I decided to move them both to USA in hopes that I would have more of a grasp on what they were socially influenced by and what they were learning. USA offers programs that not only challenge the children but adapt to their specific needs as well.

My oldest daughter, Shaiila, has a developmental comprehension disorder and acute social anxiety. At the beginning of her term at USA, she was completely lacking in the ability to form not only a paragraph, but a proper sentence. However, since Shaiila’s entry into USA, she has gained the social ability to speak openly. Whereas previously, she would only mumble and respond with short sentences and fragments that did not express a cognitive idea, Shaiila is now capable of expressing herself openly and tell her own personal stories that actually make sense.

Shaiila has had short term memory issues as well that have affected her ability to complete assignments and stay personally organized. Attending USA has increased her short term memory by a large percentage. She can now tell me exactly what her assignments are and what she is expected to do, while before she struggled to remember what it was that she had done during the day at school.

The program itself is not conventional, I can agree, but from my experience with the Academy, I can only give them my deepest gratitude for their devotional concern for my daughter’s welfare, which I could not attain at a regular school. I have seen my daughter’s self esteem blossom and her personal conceptual ideas evolve. Shaiila is a prime example of what the Academy can do for students."
Elizabeth Coburn ( Parent of Shaiila, 11 )

"Coach has such a positive attitude and he makes learning fun. It's easy to learn in his class because you understand him completely even when it's a difficult topic. Coach is probably one of those teachers a child will remember for a long time. He's just the kind of teacher everyone loves."
Felicia ( Student, 12 )

"Eric never wanted to attend school until he came to USA. USA has acknowledged that every child learns in different ways, and that has made a change in Eric's behavior. He looks forward to going to school now. Each teacher takes the time needed for each student to be successful. Eric now has confidence in himself and his abilities."
Cherece Norris ( Parent of Eric , 12 )

"I really like how everyone has a lot of patience with the students and is very understanding of each person's unique abilities."
Talitha S. Scott ( Parent of Shala, 12 )

"I liked the labs. I liked the one with the klackers. I liked the one with the fire. I especially like the one we're doing right now with the rockets!"
Seth ( Student, 12 )

"It's fun to be here because you get to know how to build things and see what happens to them. You get to learn about how many things are made and what makes them."
Nina ( Student, 13 )

"The thing I like is that everyone gets along and has a chance to do something and say something."
Cambria ( Student, 11 )

"I don't just like coach's class, I love his class. I like him teaching us because he's not really mean and is funny about almost everything. I think he's the best teacher ever. I'm so glad I get to stay with the same teachers for several years, but I wish he could stay my teacher forever. I love that he's my coach and my science teacher as well!"
Caryn ( Student, 10 )

"I like how we do projects and talk in order to learn."
Jadelyn ( Student, 13 )

"We get hands on activities instead of lectures. I'm personally a hands-on learner and the project assignments are much better than the teacher just talking about it. I have learned so much from being in this school. I personally think my view on everything is different from what it was before I came to this school. I used to look at homework like it wasn't important, but my view has changed completely. My view on people is different, too. When I first came here, I just thought of the other students as people I go to school with. After this year, I consider some of them like family and they've helped me through so much. Without going to this school, I wouldn't be who I am today."
Allison ( Student, 13 )

"I like coach as a science teacher because he can be pee-my-pants funny and be serious all at the same time. I like all the experiments and I learn so much too. I even like the homework because you learn so much and I enjoy doing it."
Cesar ( Student, 10 )

"I like to learn all about space and all of the planets. I love science. If we move to a new building, I wish we could have a bigger science class. I didn't like to have to memorize everything, but I did like the homework!"
Eric ( Student, 11 )

"I've had so much fun this year. Thank you for teaching me about science and math. "
Raeh ( Student, 10 )

"We get a lot of hands-on teaching, which, in my opinion, is the best way to teach."
Trevor ( Student, 13 )

"I like when we are in groups and we figure out the answers to the questions the teacher asks us. It helps us to challenge ourselves. And it helps us remember things that may help us in the future."
Courtney ( Student, 12 )

"I liked the projects we did in class. They were fun to do and we got to do them with friends."
Melanie ( Student, 12 )

"I like how we don't have to just sit quietly and do workbooks or write answers. USA makes learning so fun."
Caitlin ( Student, 12 )

"I like this class because it's hands-on. I also like the paint. It makes the room cheerful."
Beulah ( Student, 13 )

"I would probably say the thing I loved the most is the projects because they're fun and you actually get to do something instead of just sitting and answering questions."
Richard ( Student, 10 )

"USA has been very good at communication and interactive learning. I especially enjoy the flexibility provided and hands-on learning. The teachers and staff are excellent to work with."
Kelly Jo Taylor ( Parent of Cambria, 11 )

"We are so happy with your school!"
Dharma ( Parent of Maria, 11 )

"Being new to the area, as well as dealing with our granddaughter coming to live with us and work through some issues, we found the staff to be very kind, helpful, understanding, and considerate of the situation. We appreciated the flexibility to be able to take our child on important business trips for several days and do home study, then return to the class. Also, the half days allowed us to stay connected with our child. As grandparents, we have dealt with many educational programs over the years. We give USA our highest praise and thank you."
Herman & Sharon Langley ( Parent of Melissa, 11 )

"I like this school because I like the teachers. They make me feel safe and help me when I need it. I also like them because they understand me. The only thing I don't like is the homework. There was a lot."
Julie ( Student, 11 )

"My child has been attending this school since it started and is doing very well; I see improvement every year and he actually likes going to school! The small class size and thematic teaching style keeps him interested and involved in his own education. Thanks guys for all your hard work...We appreciate It!"
Lori Clay ( Parent of Michael Marcinek, 12 )

"I think this a wonderful program with a wonderful staff. The teachers really care about each child and work with that child on there weaknesses and help them to improve them. They NEVER put a child down or ignore them because they are alot of work. The encourage and love each child. The most imporatant thing of all is the make LEARNING FUN! "
Cheri Powell ( Parent of Logan, 8 )

"I like the class size, the hands on learning, and most of all how much the teachers care about the students. They have made my daughter feel so welcome and eager to learn. I can't wait for the upcoming school year and all of the new and wonderful things she will learn!!"
Sabrina Young ( Parent of Annabell, 6 )

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