Who We Are

USA charter school opened as a free alternative educational choice in Del Norte County in 2007.  Charter schools were first approved by California legislation in 1992 to improve education and are becoming known across the country as quality schools of choice.  USA maintains a full staff of appropriately credentialed teachers, instructional assistants, and tutors to assist students with their education.

We operate as an independent study school offering a selection of home study, daily full-day site-based classes, or any combination of class and home study options. Additionally, our mode of education includes partnering with both parents and community organizations to offer a wide spectrum of educational opportunities to our students. 



USA’s emphasis is on Family-Style education, partnering with the parent to develop respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness in each student.  Students learn family-style in small, multi-age, interactive learning groups on the school campus or at home with their families. Students work together family-style to complete real-life thematic projects demonstrating their knowledge.  Family activities such as field trips, academic competitions, programs for parents, multi-age events, and student presentations are included as part of the educational program.

It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.
— George William Curtis, American Writer & Public Speaker

What We've Achieved

  • We started with 75 students 10 years ago and have now nearly tripled.
  • USA scored the highest in the county in 2016 state testing.
  • With 185 students our "Onshore" option is at capacity.
  • USA Takes students on an average of 4 field trips a year.
  • We are the only school in the county to offer a choice of onsite classes (Onshore), part day classes (Shoreline), or full home study (Offshore).
  • We partner with 4-H, the Family Recource Center, Del Norte Museum, and the Public Library.