The following galleries are a collection of photos to help build a picture of what your students journey in education may look like. The samples are of things we have done together in the past, for the most up to date details and information (including photos) view our facebook page.

To reach a port, we must set sail – Sail, not tie at anchor; Sail, not drift
— Franklin D Roosevelt, American President



Our students learn in many ways while they are on campus. We have gathered some images to demonstrate some examples of what a given day may look like.



Outside the school learning continues. We have field trips and outings scheduled regularly. Take a look at some examples of things the students might do "Offshore" while they continue their journey of education.

Sailing 5.jpg


Exploring new things is a big part of the learning process and our education style lends itself to new and exciting things for our students. Whether it's climbing aboard a Tall Masted ship or climbing the seaside rocks to view the tide pools, the students continue to explore.